Virtual FantasyCon 2015


1st Annual Virtual FantasyCon

For those who haven’t heard, there’s a Virtual FantasyCon being held on Facebook starting this Sunday, and you are invited! 😀 Artists, bloggers, and over 200 authors will be attending during these 8 days of fantasy. Here’s the official invite to get the party started:

FantasyCon welcome

Here are the links to each event:

November 1: SciFi Sunday

November 2: Paranormal Monday

November 3: Dark Tuesday

November 4: Epic Wednesday

November 5: Fairytale Thursday

November 6: Urban Friday

November 7: Steampunk Saturday

November 8: YA Fantasy Sunday

There’s also going to be some bad ass badges being awarded:


Not quite convinced to join in? Well then, let these lovely ladies persuade you. 🙂

So as for me, The Benighted and I will be appearing at our own “event booth” on Dark Tuesday, November 3rd. 😀 I’ll be posting everything from brand new promo pics (yes, mainly of Henry Cavill and I’m not ashamed to admit it) to music that inspired the story to the first look inside Book 2 of The Benighted Saga titled The Illusory, which will only be posted on that day. I’m also going to be on the live panel that’s going to talk about how to make readers love or hate your characters, and I’ll be holding a paperback giveaway for The Benighted, all thanks to Amazon.com.

But if you can’t wait until November 3rd (and you haven’t seen my social networks exploding with these links already), here are a couple things to get you by until the big day:

My mini-interview conducted by Flavour of Fantasy which will give you a little peek of who I am, in case you didn’t know already. 😛

My live interview with #1 Bestselling Amazon Author Steve DeWinter:

Hope to see you all there!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Virtual FantasyCon 2015

  1. Sounds great!

    For anyone that doesn’t live in the US… those events start at 1pm UK time or 2pm for most of the EU and finish at 2am and 3am respectively. Shame that Facebook can’t just do that based upon the viewer’s region (if it does, it didn’t for me).

    I would consider ‘going’, but I only use Facebook as a Page and not as a personal account. Pages are strictly forbidden from doing anything on Facebook… we have to sit in the corner and twiddle our thumbs…

    It’s about time that there was someplace online that could host events (for free) that let you sign-in with whatever you wanted so anyone could attend without the hassles of signing over your soul and creating a new account.

    I blame you, A. M. Dunnewin… oh, and all the best with the event! 😉

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