The Story Lineup

“Take your time, however long the book needs. Readers want a good book. It’s a writer’s job to give it to them.” – Sylvia Day

This quote basically sums up my entire reasoning to why I haven’t published a book since late 2013. But even though I’m taking my time, that doesn’t mean I can’t post an update, especially since it’s been awhile. 🙂 So without further ado, here is the story lineup of what I’m currently working on:


Book 2 in The Benighted Saga

This bad boy of a plot has been the monster under my bed ever since I finished The Benighted. While the first book ended with a triumphant lust for revenge and war, The Illusory starts off with a more passive tone. Why? Because people are now realizing the consequences of their actions. Except Harlin. He just gets more bad ass, which of course he has to since he’s getting thrown into his element: war. As for Skylar, she’s taken a step back from the raging new Queen who shot her enemy in the head. She starts off as a rather quiet Queen whose not only struggling with the balking of her councilmen, the scarcity of her allies, and all the questions that The Benighted never answered; she’s also having to deal with her personal demons which includes the illusories (another way of explaining hallucinations) that have started to haunt her. Being tortured in a prison is bad, but sometimes the after effects are much worse.

However, the good news is that while The Benighted was told from Skylar’s point of view, The Illusory is told through both Skylar and Harlin. Since about half of the book is strictly battle scenes during the inevitable – and unprepared – attack of Correnth, the only person who could do these scenes justice would be the Benighted himself, something that will make quite a few readers happy. 😉

Despite every fiber of my being wanting to rush the rest of this story in order to get it out to readers, I’m not about to do that. It wouldn’t do any good to work this hard and to set certain expectations just to let it fall to pieces because of a deadline. However, I have told those who’ve asked – and there have been quite a few of you- that I am trying to get this story out by late 2016/early 2017, and that is what I intend to do. 🙂


An abandoned anthropologist living with an Amazonian tribe with taboo, and probably controversial, rituals? Why not! If you’ve been following this blog or any of my social networks for the better part of the last year, you’ve likely run into me talking about this story and it’s main character Reese Meyrick. So far he’s become one of my favorite characters, and because of that Under A Melting Sun has become a more epic and dramatic story than I had ever thought. And it’s also become my hardest. While a lot of research is still being put into it, there’s also the daunting reality that Under A Melting Sun actually has two story lines: the main story which involves Reese, and the present story that reminds readers that Reese and the expedition had mysteriously vanished, the probability that the tribe they were studying had eventually turned on them. This alone has taken the simple cake walk idea I had and put it on a tight rope. 😛

But to be honest, I am very proud of how this story is turning out, and because of that, I so do not want to fuck it up. That’s why I’m tiptoeing through it at this point. This story is extremely detailed and subtly meaningful, and it’s best quality (to me) is that it literally sucks you in and makes you feel like you’re there. Also, let’s not forget that I’ll still be donating my pre-order proceeds to Amazon Watch and Cool Earth, which is another reason why this story has to be presented at it’s best.

Although I wanted it out last summer, Under A Melting Sun‘s official release date is still unknown. The only hope I can give is that if there’s a book that’s going to come out before or right after The Illusory, this will be the book. 🙂


Everyone has their family secrets, but the underlying premise of Murmur House is that sometimes those family secrets create monsters of us all. Set back in the English forests of 1901, two sisters open their manor up for a Christmas engagement party after decades of living in the shadows of gossip that has plagued their family name. The Gothic tone mixed with the rumors of how Murmur House got it’s name turns this tale into the ghost story it originally was supposed to be. Unfortunately, the psychological thrills have spiraled it into a horror novel.

I’m a twisted type of person, but this book actually unnerves me. This story is so messed up with what happens to the characters – mentally, emotionally, physically, you get the point – that I don’t know if I should be proud or worried. And to make matters worse, the core of this story is actually really depressing because it’s not far from what could really happen in a situation such as what happens in Murmur House.

So, yeah…enjoy. 🙂

As for a release date, I really wanted it to be out this year, but given the fact that the two above stories are starting to get people chomping at the bit, most likely Murmur House will be gracing the virtual shelves of Amazon no earlier than late 2017.


Again, if you follow my social media, you might have seen the couple comments of me wanting to know if there’s such thing as a nautical goth genre. And if there wasn’t, I was going to create one. Well, this story is the reason why. 🙂

While I’ve previously opened up about the last three stories, The Screaming of the Breakers is the one story I’ve been keeping behind closed doors. The main reason is because it’s still in it’s weird yet eerie phase. Although this one is set in a modern day port town off the coast of Maine, so far it involves folklore regarding a pirate, an appearance from a mermaid, and the ghostly presence of a very vengeful sea witch.

I’m hoping that this seaside ghost story will be released during one of these summers, but considering it’s infancy, most likely it’ll be after 2017.

So there you have it. 😀 If one of these stories has really peaked your interest and you want to read it before the others, let me know! Sometimes I need to be pointed in the right direction. 😉


2 thoughts on “The Story Lineup

  1. Well, all of these stories sound very good 😉
    I agree with you, rushing a story is never a good idea. It may be frustrting having to wait, but if you spend that witing time working to the story and making it better, it will always be worth it.

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