Some Like It Gemini

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Squeeze me? I sure will, because today is the anniversary of my birth! 😀 And what better way to start off the birthday shenanigans than with some awesome news! Not a lot of news, but enough to write a blog post about it. 😉

Image result for gemini sign gifBut before we get started, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we are in Gemini season! Happy birthday, fellow Geminis! 😀 We’re the master communicators who are considered the most intelligent sign in the Zodiac, and because we’re the twins, we have that split personality down to a tee. Sure, some people may think we’re superficial and flighty AF, but guess what! You hate us cause you ain’t us! We don’t have to go to your party because we ARE the party! Expressive, quick-witted, and chatty, our versatility knows no bounds, especially when we can suddenly become serious, thoughtful, and restless all in the same mood swing. What can I say; some like it Gemini. 😉

Alright, now back to the shenanigans…

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This is news only because I want to make more people aware of it since there’s not much time left. 🙂 Everyone kept asking what I wanted for my birthday, and despite the fact every thing I mentioned ended up being a book title, most people stopped taking me seriously. So I decided to forgo material items and exchange it for some human kindness in the form of a charity donation.

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As many of you know, before I started throwing everything I had into Illusory, I was working on a novel set in the Amazon rainforest. Well, that story is still there, patiently waiting for me to get back to it which I will once Illusory is completely out of the way. But the main reason why Under A Melting Sun became so important to me is because I plan to donate it’s pre-order and some of its post-order proceeds to Cool Earth, an organization that works with indigenous tribes to help halt rainforest destruction. What I love about this group is not only are they making great strides towards their goal, but they’re also helping multiple rainforests, primarily in Peru, the Congo, and Papua New Guinea. Although my novel may not yet be ready to donate it’s share to the cause, that doesn’t mean we can’t donate anyway. So this year, I decided to donate my birthday to Cool Earth on Facebook. Every little bit helps, and even if you can’t donate, just spreading the word about this awesome group will help enough. 🙂


Due to the book line up after Illusory, Benighted is getting one final push into the spotlight before promoting shifts to its sequel and all the other upcoming reads. So without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that the first book trailer for The Benighted is live on YouTube:

Like I said, not a lot of news but just enough to hopefully keep you interested and/or entertained. 🙂 So with that said, hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to a bookish summer, and will chat soon. Stay reading, peeps! ❤


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